Sunday, January 20, 2013

Yes She Is Here...

Briauna Leanne
Born January 14, 2013
1:25 p.m.
8 lbs. 7 oz.
19 inches

She is here. Thank You God. I am in love for the 3rd time. Exhausted & So In Love. 

I will post about her birth story when I have some real time. 
For the cliff notes/teaser version I will say...I was supposed to be induced Jan. 15th...she obviously had other plans....I was 8 cm when I finally made myself go to the was crazy!

Words can't express how complete my family feels now that she has arrived. 
We are loving & learning all over again everyday. 

Thank you for all the love you guys have shown.
Until Next Time...

Love Jones

Friday, January 11, 2013

Sunday= 40 weeks!

Preggo Buzz

Hey loves!! Sorry I took so long to post, had a lot going on, trying to keep myself sane!!

So I had my doctor's appointment Wednesday the 9th! 3 cm dilated, and 70 % effaced and in tears because my body hurt so midwife gave me the most needed hug ever, walked out of the room and said "let me see what I can do".

After all of 10  minutes she came back in and said, "Baby girl is doing great and we are so happy you have made it full term. With that said your due date is Sunday, if she has not arrived we will induce you on Tuesday if that is okay with you?" My reply...."Ugh HELLS yeah!"

So we have a date people!! Tuesday Jan. 15, 2013 if I haven't gone into labor I will be induced in the butt crack of the morning!

 I know some moms are all "I want to let this baby come when she is ready" and " I could be pregnant for another year if necessary." Well I am so happy for those women and if I could give each and every one of them a gold star & a cookie I would. But this chick right here is ecstatic to get this show on the road. I am so grateful that God has allowed my baby to be healthy and stay inside me until 40 weeks (Jan. 13th). But I'm just being honest I am not that woman. I could feel myself spiraling down a dark black hole with how miserable I have been in the last week. Thank goodness my doctor gave me a little light at the end of the tunnel. Of course she let me know you could totally go into labor before Tuesday though so just be ready! 

How is CJ? CJ is impatient now. He talks to my stomach every night and says "Are you scared to come little mama? What's wrong?" It is seriously adorable. He is going to be a great big brother. 

How is Daddy? Daddy is ready to, he talks to our little girl and tells her "Come on baby, daddy wants a little more time off of work" lol

Week: 39 weeks & 6 days

Weight gain: We are chilling at 25 lbs right now & I am okay with that

Stretch marks: Nope, I'm thankful

Belly button: Flat as can be

Clothes:  I wear yoga pants, tights and sweats most of the day. I'm all about the comfort right now. I'm so sore & by the end of the day in so much pain. I'm not fussing with jeans and it's too cold for dresses. 

How big is baby: Big enough to be breaking my ribs everyday! The doctor said she most def will not be a 6lb baby like CJ was. So idk? But the fruit thing says she is the size of a small watermelon and could be anywhere from 6.2 to 9.2 lbs. Let's hope it's somewhere in the middle!

Babe's Growth: She's big. Period. I have no more room in there. And she wants to let me know every day.

Sleep: LOL. Non-existent.

Movement: To be honest she makes me nervous. I know she is going to have less movement because she has less space and all. But I rarely feel her move anymore unless she is working on my rib. The doc says it's normal as long as I feel her a few times a day it should be fine. But it freaks me out. I feel like I should be able to push my stomach and she push right back so I can have peace of mind. But it never works that way. She makes me stop what I'm doing. Dance, drink some orange juice then lay down on my side in silence until she moves. Can you imagine the freak out session I have until she moves? I believe she thinks it is funny. 

Food Cravings: I've been so thirsty for water. I've been wanting ANY and EVERYTHING possible to eat lately. No specifics, just everything not in my pregnancy diet and to be honest I don't care as much right now. I just want comfort. I'll pay for it later but I'll deal with it in my workouts. 

Food Aversions: Milk still and chicken nuggets now. Weird. 

Symptoms: The Back Pain is still ridiculous. And this rib on the left side that she is trying to destroy. I hope it isn't fractured....seriously it hurts that bad!

What do I miss: All forms of sleep. Even the uncomfortable preggo lady sleep. 

Best moment this week: Having ym doctor give us a induction date! I will be 40 weeks and 2 days on that day! So ready!

What I am looking forward to: Holding my little girl and taking our first family picture together. It melts my heart to think about it. I want a raw picture. Labor hair and face, tired daddy, new baby and excited big brother. I cannot wait. 

Next Appointment(s): INDUCTION JAN. 15th

Next post you should be meeting my baby girl....

Until Next Time...
Love Jones

Thursday, January 3, 2013

I'm at a breaking point....

So I am back at work today....

Literally, I'm at my desk....exhausted....functioning off of 1 hr and 1/2 of  sleep....

Here I am. 38 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I thought that I would be okay. 

But I'm not.  At first I thought that I was just over thinking when I will go into labor. (Which I probably am). Then I thought well I'm just sad because my family had to leave and it was EXTREMELY devastating difficult to see them leave AND STILL be pregnant. But then it started to happen...

Negative thoughts of trying to induce labor. I've was thinking of ways for me to go into labor that aren't safe AT ALL. I have not tried any of them & don't plan on it. But the fact that I've even thought of some of these things, let's me know my mind isn't in a great place right now.

I am officially at a breaking point. I am done with this pregnancy mentally & almost physically. I have exercised, walked, stretched, danced until it felt this babe would fall out on the floor. Of course, I've been working out the whole pregnancy so I guess my body is like whatever...but I literally couldn't stand up straight after my 1hr & 1/2 walk/dance session Tuesday. (TMI alert) I have tried the primrose oil orally & vaginally, I've sex as much as I could take, I've taken a extremely warm bath every night for the last 2 weeks. I have dilated to 2 cm, my cervix is extremely soft and I have contractions/braxton hicks (who knows) daily every hour or so if not closer than that. 

I never made it this far in my last pregnancy (CJ was born early). I'm confused with my body. Anxious as all get out. Don't know what to expect. Extremely exhausted. I'm actually beginning to scare myself. I'm feeling like I just want to lay down and cry until this baby comes.  

I have a Dr.'s appointment today and I am going to talk to them about all of my feelings and what options I have. What the heck is happening to me and what do they suggest. After doing some reading I think I may be coming down with a case of the "baby blues", which is a bad case of just getting plain tired of being pregnant. 

I talked with my supervisor and this week may go ahead and be my last, depending on what my Dr.'s says. 

If ya'll have any suggestions, prayers or have felt this way too. Please lemme know so I don't feel like I'm going crazy. Sorry to be such a debbie downer....I just needed to vent. I almost had a panick attack before I started typing this. 

 Hope your week is going good.

Until Next Time...
Love Jones

Saturday, December 29, 2012

38 Weeks...

Preggo Buzz

So here we are at 38 weeks...My family has come and gone and still no little one. I'm sad she didn't make an appearance for their visit. But what can you do? My mama & daddy said they will fly back down here as soon as they get the call that I'm in labor. So that makes me feel better. 

This week has been all about aches and pains. I'm least it feels that way and oh so ready to pop!  I'm trying my best to relax and be patient, but my nerves are getting the best of me!

 Hopefully baby girl will be here before I go back to work on Jan. 3rd. I can not stand the thought of having to go back to work for a week or two before she comes. Ugh. The stress... 

I had my doctor's appointment this past Wednesday. Heartbeat sounds great. Blood pressure wonderful. Blood & urine awesome. Dilation 2 cm & my midwife says my cervix is extremely soft. So she feels it could be any day. It's a waiting game.  

How is CJ? He is great, he is a little hyper lately. I think he is as anxious as we are. A little from being out of school, having my family from Texas come visit and knowing his sister could come at any moment. 

How is Daddy? Daddy has honestly been on my nerves. It's like in the movie Bride Wars where the girl is in the bed with her husband and he is sleep. She looks over at him and says "your getting on my nerves". LOL it seriously feels like that. But we've talked about it and hopefully these mood swings will change. I love my hubby and appreciate him so much, I'm just goin through some thangs ya'll!! LOL

Week: 38 weeks

Weight gain: 25 lbs. Christmas. Cooking. Dinner. Leftovers. 
Equals all the weight gain! Oh well I'm over it now. It is what it is. 

Stretch marks: None still thank you Lord.

Belly button: Still flat :)

Clothes: Maternity & non-maternity

How big is baby:Baby is the size of a pumpkin. I seriously believe this. I'm so cramped now. 

Babe's Growth: She may have about an inch or so of hair already. She is slowly shedding that white goo on her skin called vernix caseosa which we may see on her at birth.  

Sleep: It's a constant battle. I pretty much take Tylenol PM every night. Which I dont know if that's healthy, but my DR. said I could take it to help the back pain & get some sleep. 

Movement:She is rolling now, seems like it's hard for her to punch and kick as much. 

Food Cravings: Sour Cream Pound Cake, Chips, Queso, pretty much anything right now. Since I'm off from work I am eating so much more

Food Aversions: Milk

Symptoms: The Back Pain is ridiculous. I mean it is killing me. ALL.THE.TIME. I mainly have relief when I'm walking and working out. I bought a birthing ball today so hopefully that gives me some relief. 

What do I miss: Sleeping comfortably & not being overly emotional. 

Best moment this week: Spending time with my family & my girlfriend coming over & having movie nights with me
What I am looking forward to: Going into labor

Next Appointment(s): January 3rd, 2013

Until Next Time...
Love Jones

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sandy Hooks

I don't want this to be a long drawn out post about this. It is just weighing on my heart....

 There are a few emotions  I want to vocalize and respect I want to give.

Honestly the whole tragedy scares the crap out of makes my heart week....makes me have thoughts that aren't positive in the slightest about our makes me fearful to be at work...makes me fearful for my child to go to school...

I work in an elementary school, and in the front office at that, so if this were to happen to our school I would be one of the people to encounter the issue and try my best to prevent husband teaches in an elementary son goes to an elementary do you put into words the sympathy, fear and anger you feel...

I can't.

All I can say is my heart goes out to each and every person, family members, police officers, neighbors, teachers and staff, strangers, victims and survivors that has been affected.

May God give us all the strength to forgive, move forward with progress each day, be thankful and not take for granted our blessings.

-Love Jones

36 Weeks...9 months Say What??

 *Please excuse the quality of these pictures, the only time that I have to take pictures is at work & normally with my phone. I have my real camera packed & ready for delivery! It may come out for Christmas if my lil mama isn't here though. 

So....OMG....I am officially 9 months pregnant!! 

*Pause* (let's have a moment of silence for this accomplishment)

I am extremely thankful and blessed to have this little girl in my belly...

With that said...

I AM SO TIRED. I mean I have literally thought about going on maternity leave early at least 10 times this week. All I have left is Today. In my Dr. Appt yesterday my midwife congratulated me on working for 9 months! Which made me feel great! 

How is CJ? He is doing fantastic! So excited he gets a Christmas break and overjoyed that my family is going to be here this weekend! He loves his Aunts, uncle and my baby niece. 

How is Daddy? Daddy has been wonderful, a joy to be around a majority of the time. He has been so sweet in the last two weeks. Love him. 

How is lil mama? My little girl has been fab. She doesn't have much room these days so it makes for interesting streching sessions. Where there is literally a foot trying to push through my belly or her bum imprint coming up to say hello. She seems healthy and energetic most of the time. I'm so excited. 

Week: 36 weeks & 2 days
Weight gain: 21 lbs. I'm doing good by staying within my goal. With Christmas around the corner I dont know how I will hold up tho.

Stretch marks: None so far...thankfully
Belly button: Still flat :)

Clothes: Maternity & non-maternity depending on where I'm going. 

How big is baby:Baby is the size of a crenshaw melon (whatever that is) basically a  small watermelon

Bug's Growth: They say, your baby is still packing on the pounds at the rate of about an ounce a day. She now weighs almost 6 lbs. and is more then 18 1/2 inches long. Exciting!

Sleep: My sweet sweet husband gave me an early Christmas present! He bought me a  Sealy sleep/nursing pillow. It fits perfectly in between my legs and under my belly and is pure heaven. I am officially back in our bed! 

Movement:Yes I feel her still & she has the hiccups like 2 or 3 times a day. This is the first week I've really felt them and KNOWN what was going on. Very cool.

Food Cravings: Fried Shrimp....I wanted it all week long!
Food Aversions: Nothing this week!  I started drinking Silk instead of milk and that has been great!

Symptoms: I actually feel really good, besides lots of pressure down yonder, being so tired at night  and the  sometimes "sweet" uncomfortable movement in my belly. 

What do I miss: To be honest, I miss my family so much it hurts and I can't wait to see them. 

Best moment this week: Being at work for the last day (today)!

What I am looking forward to:
  • last day of work!!!
  • My family coming from Texas this weekend!!
Next Appointment(s):
  • Dec. 26th (37 wks & 3 days) hopefully she will be coming while my family is still here, that's all I want for Christmas!! *crosses fingers & asks for prayers*
Until Next Time...
Love Jones

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Baby Shower #1

Good 'ole Savannah, Georgia! My husband is from Savannah and that is where all of his family lives.  We live about four hours away from Savannah. So because of the "high risk" in my pregnancy, I could not travel after 30 weeks. So my MIL planned the baby shower early!

 I am not an " all pink" woman....I like the color, I wear the color but when it comes to baby girls. I don't feel like everything has to be pretty in pink.  I love to see little girls in blues, greens, grays, reds, lavenders and still be oh so pretty. So the theme for the baby shower was a majority of lavender and a few other colors! My MIL ordered everything off of and did a great job I must add! I love her...yes seriously, she's a great woman!

I really enjoyed myself and appreciated all the love! It was so much fun and I loved seeing my husband's family come together for this event. His "whole" family doesn't get together often or as often as I am used to my family getting together. So when they do, it's beautiful to see and be a part of.

I loved the theme, the mom with the stroller & her purse on her shoulder!
It suited me well, since I'm so sassy & sarcastic as my MIL says!

I helped out by making the tissue paper pom-poms that are hanging from the ceiling! They came out pretty and all the back pain and lack of sleep the night before was worth it! Plus I got to catch up on the show die for by the way!

Our wonderful cousin Sheila was one of the two hostess that we had for the baby shower. She did great & isn't she beautiful!

Don't like this picture of me but figure you all would want to see one....

The big brother had a soccer game early that morning, so him & daddy came to Savannah after his game. Just in time for the baby shower. He was excited and was thankful for the baby shower gifts that we bought for him as well so that he didn't feel left out. We plan to do this the day of the birth as well. We want to present him with something from his sister in the hospital room.

My husband's older and only brother came to the shower with his family. Below they are with our little cousin...she was irritable but still adorable right.

My MIL help us open up gifts...

As well as cousin Sheila...

This was my favorite baby shower game everyone played. 2 people partner up and one has to feed the other baby food. Which ever one finished all of their baby food first wins! It was hilarious to see their faces as they tried to eat the baby food.

This is the BIG BROTHER shirt CJ will wear when he meets his sister! I have a little sister shirt for the baby and plan to have them take pictures! I can't wait!

This is the diaper cake my MIL made for us. She has a real talent when it comes to making diaper cakes. She just started selling them and so far everyone loves them! It was beautiful!

I had an awesome time & our little family is so blessed to have people love and embrace our new bundle of joy. We are thankful and blessed.

-Until Next Time
  Nicole Jones